Chapter 2717  : The Eight Trigrams Formation 1

“Have we succeeded? How can it be so easy?”

One of the black-robed men looked confused.

“Don’t stop. Let’s use our power of divine sense to check and see if he’s completely dead. This kid is extremely fierce, so we can’t be careless!” The leader of the black-robed men frowned and reprimanded.

They did not stop the incantation in their mouths. Instead, they activated the power of divine sense and increased their mental attacks again.

Their divine souls entered the depths of the swamp. The vines bound a human inside.

“This… Why are these vines binding me?”


“Oh no! I can’t breathe!”


In an instant, the situation was reversed.

Qin Yu walked out of the illusion technique they had created and walked into their divine souls, replacing the divine soul power of the victim with their power.

The faces of the thirteen people turned red and their life internal qi dropped sharply.

All of this happened in just a second. Qin Yu had already arrived in front of Wu Hao with Ling Bo.


“You seemed to be shouting very loudly just now.”

Qin Yu asked with a smile.

‘Qin Yu, I have the four-star Guardian of Order medal. How dare you! Do you want to fight the Guardian of Order to the death?”

Wu Hao’s expression changed drastically.

Qin Yu smiled and stared at him without making a move. He just quietly stared at Wu Hao.

“Brother Yi Yun, save me!”


Finally, Wu Hao broke down. His feet came to a sudden halt as his body frantically ran in Yi Yun’s direction.

Yi Yun sneered as he stared at Qin Yu. He took a light step forward as though he was thinking of how Qin Yu would kill someone right under his nose.

“Soaring Wind Slash!”

Qin Yu’s body disappeared from where he was. His soul power suddenly grabbed Wu Hao’s internal qi.

Wu Hao’s body was directly pulled forward and cut into two halves with a strike.

“Who else wants to attack me?”Qin Yu landed on the ground and looked around coldly.

Wu Hao’s body, which had been cut in half, was still twitching on the ground. Qin Yu’s foot landed on his head without the slightest bit of mercy.


Hong Luan shouted coldly. She originally wanted to attack directly.

However, she forcefully suppressed her inner thoughts seeing Qin Yu attack twice in a row.

Four internal qi suddenly appeared in a row. These five or six people were all top-notch cultivators of the Upper Dome.

One of them was at Dao Realm level 7, just one level below Qin Yu.

In an instant, a storm of energy rose in the entire arena.

The four experts from the Upper Dome attacked with all their might in the blink of an eye.

The violent power submerged the space where Qin Yu was.

These four people seemed to have cooperated for a long time. They completely covered all the space the moment they attacked, not giving Qin Yu a chance to dodge.

Nine Heavens Holy Sword!

Qin Yu’s pupils suddenly dilated. A terrifying gaze power instantly poured out.

This time, Qin Yu poured his gaze power out without holding back after absorbing the huge amount of Saint Power.

His gaze power suddenly condensed into a huge golden sword, instantly tearing apart the energy surrounding him.

The golden holy sword pierced the Dao Realm level 7 expert and sent him to a mountain 1,000 meters away.

The golden holy sword exploded violently, and three sword intents bombarded the other three people under Qin Yu’s control.lightsnovel

In an instant, one died and three were seriously injured.

“Innate divine ability! What terrifying power! This gaze power has already surpassed the power of the level 8!”

Hong Luan slammed her chair as her face turned pale.

If she had been the one who had killed the four experts of the Upper Dome with one strike, she would probably not have ended up in a good state.

“It’s fine. This gaze power is not limitless. After this attack, the energy on his forehead has almost dissipated. I want to see just how many tricks he has up his sleeve.”

Lord Tang chuckled and stared at Qin Yu with his venomous eyes.

To him, nothing was not as important as the thing he wanted.

If he could obtain the item with the coordinates from this child, his fate would probably be rewritten.

“Aren’t you Guardian of Order going to make a move? Or do you want to do it yourself?”

Hong Luan stared at Yi Yun with an unfriendly expression.The loss of four experts was a blow to the Upper Dome.

Yi Yun waved his hand in displeasure as the people behind him began to stir.

Eight figures also gathered behind Qin Yu. They were the eight law enforcers of the Guardian of Order. They emitted similar internal qi.

Even their height and build were extremely similar. If one did not look closely, one would think they were brothers.

“Aren’t they the guild’s law enforcers? This is the first time I’ve seen them fight.”

Wu Qian asked Xi Ming beside her.

Xi Ming was also a little confused. Although the guild had always talked about law enforcers, he had never seen their abilities.

Judging from the internal qi they emitted, the eight of them did not seem to be as strong as the experts of the Upper Dome just now.

They joined hands and stood in eight different directions. Then, they continuously shuttled back and forth, forming a formation.

Qin Yu snorted coldly. With a wave of his Tiger Wing, he slashed out a bright saber light.

“Activate the formation!”

A stream of air rose from under their feet all of a sudden. The air current sent the eight of them directly into the clouds, dodging the saber energy.

At this moment, they were standing in the positions of Qian, Kun, Dui, Li, Zhen, Xun, Kan, and Gen.

The Eight Trigrams!

They quickly formed hand seals, and two green fish slowly appeared above them.

Then, they circled in the air and an Eight Trigrams phantom appeared below them.

“The power of the Eight Trigrams seems to be similar to Hua Tian’s Great Divination Divine Technique. I wonder how many divination powers they can activate with the eight of them working together!”

Qin Yu slashed out another saber light but the Eight Trigrams blocked it.

It seemed that the formation was completed. Qin Yu also wanted to see how powerful it was.

Previously, Hua Tian had drawn the power of the two trigrams, Qian and Kun, and condensed it into the Divination Sword.

Qin Yu had used up all his strength in that battle before he defeated the monk who cultivated the Great Expansion Divine Technique.

This time, he was also a little curious when he saw such power again.

The eight of them looked up at the sky at the same time.

The person in the Qian position stretched out a hand.

“Power of Qian! Come!” A strand of the power of the universe and nature fell into his hands.

“Power of Kun! Come!” An internal qi from the ground pierced through the air.

“Power of Dui! Come!” A strand of internal qi was extracted from the cultivators at the Endless Mine and landed on the person standing in Dui’s position.

“Power of Li! Come!” The world suddenly became scorching hot. Countless fire elements seemed to be summoned and directly landed on Li’s position.

“Power of Zhen! Come!” All of a sudden, the sky was covered with dark clouds. Countless lightning bolts fell on Zhen’s position like thunder dragons.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm “Power of Xun! Come!” A cool breeze suddenly blew and then a strong wind began to blow. The power of the wind poured into the Xun’s position.

“Power of Kan! Come!” The power of water suddenly descended!