Chapter 2630  : Fatal Confrontation

The two attacks bruised past his body at the same time and flew out, bringing with them a piece of flesh and blood.

After the two beams of energy flashed past, the ancient bronze door’s suppression fell to the ground.

A dull sound came from the ground, and a huge cloud of dust blew out from both sides of the ancient bronze door. Ming Xie’s body slowly emerged from the smoke.

This wasn’t enough?

Qin Yu’s expression was extremely ugly. This attack was already the limit of his strength and technique.

However, in the face of this mysterious power from the Saint Kingdom, he could still accurately pinpoint the flaws in their joint attack and choose the best solution.


At this moment, his right arm had completely drooped down. He couldn’t even raise his arm in a short period.

And this joint attack only caused him a little more damage.


In an instant, a fragment of the Immortal Slaying Flying Blade directly passed through the young man who had sent out the Immortal Slaying Flying Blade.

After cutting off half of his head, his body started moving rapidly again.

Without giving anyone any time to think, he crushed the head of the outsider who had activated the ancient bronze door. “It’s your turn.”


Ming Xie turned around and stared at Qin Yu.

Projection! Shadowless!

Qin Yu hid Shadowless in his palm and took advantage of the moment Ming Xie stopped.

Shadowless suddenly shot out, the Shadowless Blade jumping between different spaces.

In the end, it pierced through Ming Xie’s body, and a snowflake burst out from his shoulder.

Half of Ming Xie’s shoulder was directly cut off by this blade.


He didn’t stop at all. His body charged towards Qin Yu again. The blood stains were everywhere as he ran.

Even though he was heavily injured, Ming Xie’s speed didn’t decrease much.

Qin Yu’s eyes could only catch a blurry afterimage.

At this moment, his Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze also closed uncontrollably.

From the start of the battle until now, he had not only used the power of destruction of the Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze twice.

Moreover, this eye had been in use all this time. The speed at which it locked onto Ming Xie made it extremely tired.

“It’s over. I still have to thank you for letting me feel some excitement.” Ming Xie revealed a ferocious smile and clenched his right fist.

It suddenly smashed towards Qin Yu’s head. Qin Yu’s physical body couldn’t block this kind of power, be it in terms of reaction or defense.

“Go to hell.”

Qin Yu gulped and swallowed a completely Explosive Blood Pill.


A huge power surged at the same time as he simultaneously punched Ming Xie in the abdomen.


Eating Explosive Blood Pills? Interesting! It’s utterly ridiculous!

“For someone like you, who only knows how to play tricks, I’ll show you just how vast the gap between us is.” Ming Xie thought.

A sinister smile spread across Ming Xie’s face. He didn’t dodge at all, allowing the punch to connect with his abdomen.

He even changed his fist force into a claw, seizing Qin Yu’s neck.

As if picking up a chick, he wanted to witness Qin Yu’s desperation after giving his all.

He wanted to witness Qin Yu’s despair even after consuming the Explosive Blood Pill, his divine soul burning with all its might, yet still unable to overcome him.

Being ambushed and heavily injured made Ming Xie furious.

It had never regarded Qin Yu highly, but it hadn’t expected this person to still have such a move hidden.

Moreover, the Shadowless in Qin Yu’s hand was sharper than expected. It managed to sever his shoulder.

Come on!

Ming Xie sneered.


Amidst the crisp sound of bones breaking, Qin Yu’s left hand’s forceful punch shattered several ribs.

Ming Xie’s face flushed, blood flowing uncontrollably from his mouth. “Do you see now the gap of the power between us?” Ming Xie laughed maniacally.

“Haha, what’s laughable is you parading under the banner of invincible genius. But that’s only when facing those weaker than you. Even with your talent, when faced with life and death, aren’t you still resorting to powers bestowed upon you by others to fight your battles? You’ve merely acquired a more potent force. If it were me, perhaps I wouldn’t be inferior to you today.”

Qin Yu managed a strained laugh.

“Furthermore, the reason you claim that the power of rules isn’t applicable is because your Heart of Saint Kingdom has limitations on its use. You’ve used it many times against Li Liefei and us, haven’t you? It’s not that you don’t want to use it, but that you simply can’t!”

His neck was abruptly twisted, and Ming Xie’s visage contorted.

“Go to hell, you piece of trash!”

He violently chopped Qin Yu’s head into minced meat.

In the next moment, a familiar power surged up from where he stood. The pile of minced meat under Ming Xie’s feet suddenly vanished.

It was a power he was all too familiar with, the power of rules of the Heart of Saint Kingdom.


Qin Yu’s Heart of Saint Kingdom, the Seal of Heaven Returning, was activated again, and he suddenly reverted to the state of using the Order of Reflection 15 seconds before its consumption.

Fifteen seconds was the maximum time he could utilize the Seal of Heaven Returning. It was almost the moment he appeared.

He bit off more than half of the Explosive Blood Pill in his mouth and swallowed it.

Even if Ming Xie was already in such a state, Qin Yu could only fight desperately. He didn’t dare to entertain even a shred of luck.magic

Shadowless slashed out once more.

“Not good! Prelude’s Prognostication come forth!”

Ming Xie’s expression changed. Everything happened too fast.

His face suddenly turned red, and a trace of the power of the Heart of Saint Kingdom was once again activated from his body.

“It can still be used!”

Qin Yu’s face was also about to go crazy. He unleashed his fleshly body’s power to the extreme.

Under the Shadowless Blade, the speed was so fast that it seemed like an afterimage.

“This is the only way!”

The power of deduction didn’t last as long as before. It only lasted for a short moment before completely disappearing.

Ming Xie’s face flashed, and he kicked towards Shadowless’ side.

In an instant, his thigh collided with Shadowless.

More than half of his leg was chopped off by Qin Yu, and a large ball of blood burst out.

Although this kick was evaded by Qin Yu’s Shadowless, it allowed Qin Yu’s fatal strike to miss the lethal part of his body, allowing him to survive this strike.

Shadowless emitted a crisp sound and collided with Ming Xie’s body twice. The energy of this mysterious item was completely depleted, causing it to shatter.

Eight Extremities Fist!

Go to hell!

Ming Xie didn’t dare to flaunt anymore. He took a deep breath.

He used all his strength to activate the earth’s qi, and then he fiercely punched Qin Yu’s head.

Qin Yu closed his eyes with a bitter smile. The gap between them was truly too vast..