The Demon Hunt competition within the Interschool Tournament is rather ironic at this point. Because there are even some demons participating in it, what with demons finally having slowly started integrating themselves within human society. With some even going to Guardians Universities now and therefore competing in the Interschool Tournament.

But they still stuck with the Demon Hunt competition as the annual opener for the tournament. Simply because of tradition.

The demons don’t seem to mind either, which makes sense considering their penchant for murdering each other on Tartarus that still remains to this day.

In fact, most of the demons who have arrived are the peaceful ones. The demons who don’t want to be in such a dangerous world as Tartarus.

Even those more peaceful demons do want to help against the void creatures though. Hence their participation in this tournament.

I yawn slightly as I watch the Guardians and demons hunt the artificially created demons of the competition.


Most of the people I knew back in the Guardians Universities have all graduated by now. Whether through spending the four years there or graduating early thanks to the time they put in on the frontlines of the Demon War or the Void Invasion, the same as me.

So I don’t really know anyone competing down there. Except from the news that is.

I do recognize a few people that have become rather popular as of late. New Guardians who have been making a name for themselves in the Corrupted Fractures and are very liked by the people.

One of them is even dressing as a magical girl from those old world animated TV shows. Which I very much question, seeing as they’re running around in a pink dress while waving a wand that they aren’t even using.

Rather… ridiculous, in my opinion.

But the kids love it at least.


A lot.

Then there’s some guy who runs around with a mask on and a hood covering his identity entirely despite his name being known to all since he’s in the tournament. So they know what he looks like even if he keeps his face hidden all the time.This story has been stolen from Royal Road. If you read it on Amazon, please report it

Not sure what’s up with him, but people like the weirdness surrounding him. So he’s popular too.

They both use rather interesting magic is the main point though. The magical girl uses some sort of creation magic which turns her fantasies into real life, whereas the other dude uses some sort of death magic. Neither of which are common.

Although, they’re not the only interesting ones I’ve met since the fae tournament. Since the Demon War in fact.

There’s also a new destruction magic using girl at about seventeen years old who is quite literally copying my style of clothes. A black jacket with a hood and red trim and inner lining over a black shirt and black pants. All put together as magi-tech armor despite looking like regular clothes. Then there’s the two new blood magic users who happen to be twins, the space magic user, the time magic user, albeit one that isn’t too strong and doesn’t focus on time reversal but rather aging, and a few other interesting ones.


I glance down at my current outfit, which is just my regular one but made out of solidified and colored blood, before looking out at the competition again.

It’s been a very interesting few months, learning about blood in general from Gramps. Not to mention what I can do with it.

Even Amelia’s father decided to give me some tips now instead of waiting till I reached Class VI. Since I have a skill that gives absolute control over my magic anyways.

With it I’ve learned quite a few things about blood magic that I didn’t know before. Like how to change the color and texture of the blood both before and after solidifying it. How to turn it into blood metal without using my skill. How to age and de-age the blood, including blood I manifested temporarily, created permanently, and blood in other people.

And of course, I go and use all of that knowledge for what many consider the most trivial of things.

Making clothes that look and feel like real clothes out of blood.

Because clothing is absolutely the most important thing in battle when I can survive my entire body being blown up simply through manifesting somewhere else.

Don’t want to end up flashing everyone after all. That would be bad.

So clothing is a must.

I let out a sigh as I think about what I agreed to do before. Simply because it was Aria who was asking, even though I know someone put her up to it. She even told me. That she was gonna be given extra credit if she could convince me to give out the trophies at the awards ceremony ending the Interschool Tournament.


I still caved though, since it would help her and all I’d have to do is show up and hand someone a trophy. Maybe let them take a picture or two.

Not much work when it’ll help her.

It doesn’t even bother me that they approached Aria to get to me. Simply because they gave her some benefits in return and aren’t just haggling her to help them.

Now, if they were just haggling her for nothing in return…

The corner of my lips quirks upwards slightly.

They wouldn’t be doing it for long, I can say that at least.

On another note, I glance around the stadium at a few specific locations. Spots where I see friends and other people I know watching the competition.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to spend with my own friends as of late. And with my power growing so much, it’s become hard to make new friends. Except in video games, of course. Where they have no idea who I am.


I purse my lips for a moment before nodding to myself and standing up from my seat.

I’ll go join them in the bleachers.