I will play with you and your body to my heart's content*

"You little bitch! Can't you do even one thing right!?"

A black-haired man shouted in annoyance as he pointed at his pants which were now wet due to the mistake of a tanned skin maid standing in front of him.

lightsΝοvel "What are you standing there for!? Are you expecting me to take care of this mess!?"

The man shouted even more loudly as he saw the maid trembling in fear. Hearing his words, the maid quickly walked towards him and knelt, then, she took out a piece of cloth and started wiping the man's pants only for the man to tightly grab her hand in anger.

The maid looked up when her hand was grabbed and she saw the man glaring at him with an irritated look on his face.

"Who told you to use a piece of cloth...?"


The man questioned as he tilted his head.


The maid couldn't understand.

How else was she going to clean up?

"Use your mouth."

The man ordered.


The maid widened her eyes in shock, she could see the man's anger in his eyes, however, deeper in those eyes, she could see a glint. She also didn't miss the sadistic smirk that appeared on the man's face as he glared at her.

Clearly, he was enjoying this.

The maid's body trembled, however, there was nothing she could do in this situation.

She could only follow the orders that were given to her.

Looking at the wet pants in front of her, her body trembled, however, as if she was forcing herself, she closed her eyes as she extended her tongue towards the pants.

"Open your eyes, how are you going to see what you are cleaning without seeing anything?"


The man spoke once again, he wasn't planning on giving the woman the easier way out. The maid's body trembled once again, she slowly opened her eyes and then as if she was bearing the shame of a generation, her trembling tongue touched the man's pants as she started licking the water stain that was on the man's crotch area.

The man's smile widened when he saw this scene. Despite the fact that the maid was only licking his pants and none of the sexual organs was involved, just the stimulation of her tongue near his pants and the sight of the woman's cleavage that was visible for everyone to see was enough for the man to get turned on.

It didn't take long for the man's instrument to start reacting to the maid and as it got erect, the maid could feel the little guy through the pants and paused.

"What are you waiting for? Continue."

Of course, the man completely ignored the problem and gave his orders.

The maid looked at the man, however, seeing him glaring at her, she knew she had no option but to continue. In the end, she wasn't a child, she knew what was going on here.

Giving up, she started licking the man's dick through his pants, a sadistic smile appeared on the man's face as he pushed his hips forward, rubbing his pants on the maid's skin, while the maid simply closed her eyes and accepted everything he did to her.

This continued for a while, the man enjoying breaking his maid and once he was bored.

"You bitch!"He shouted as he pulled the woman's white-pink hair in anger and forced her to look at her.

"What are you doing!? I told you to clean and you are making a further mess with your saliva!"

"Aaahh." The woman let out a voice of pain.

The man, however, seemed even more annoyed when he heard her scream.

"You dare raise your voice in my presence!? That's it, you have crossed all the limits.

It is time I show you your place."

The man spoke and the maid widened her eyes in horror.

"Master, anything bu- Aaaaaahhhhh!!"

However, before the maid could try to defend herself and beg for mercy, the man stood up and pulled the maid through her hair and dragged her into another room.

The maid continued to scream in pain, hearing her screams, the man's body trembled and froze a little, however, knowing the woman, he just sighed and chuckled inwardly before throwing her on the bed.



The man spoke as he flicked in fingers, and magically, the woman's mouth was filled with a gag.


He even took away her ability to speak.

Of course, this was the least of what he was going to do to her.

The man crawled onto the bed, this time, the maid ignored everything and tried to run away as her eyes were filled with terror, however, the man simply grabbed the woman's leg as he climbed on top of her, getting into full control and cutting her escape routes.

With a mere thought, a thorny rope appeared in his hands.

"This is what you deserve."lightsnovel

The man spoke as he choked the woman in front of her before he grabbed her hand and tied it to the corner of the bed.

The woman tried to resist, however, in front of the man's strength, she was helpless.


The woman screamed in pain as the man tightly tied her arms using the thorny rope, sensing the thorns piercing her skin send a wave of pain in her body, making her thrash her body even more wildly as she tried to resist the man and get out of his hold no matter how.

However, one by one, the man continued to tie her limbs. One limb was already tied, when the second hand was tied, the woman could only move her lower body to try and get out, however, eventually, her lower body was tied as well.

Each of her limbs was tied at each corner of the bed, the woman still didn't give up and continued to twist her waist in different ways, trying to move her hands and while she did that, the man only stared at her with a sadistic smile on his face as he crawled over her and stared at her entire body.

Slowly, he extended his hand towards her. The woman froze in fear, looking at the man, her eyes begging to be let go.

"My maid, you already know what you did wrong, do you not?

Do not look at me with those eyes, you know you need to be punished for your mistakes.

After all, that is how you will improve and serve me well in the future."

The man spoke with a big smile on his face, his hand gently cupping the woman's cheeks, his actions were completely different than his words.His fingers then gently trailed down towards her neck, despite his gentle movements, the maid still glanced at him in fear, the man however, just chuckled as his fingers trailed down again, slowly and steadily moving towards her breasts.

Unlike last time, where the man only ogled at her cleavage, now, he had full liberty to touch it as if it belonged to him. The woman's body trembled, she tried to move her body away from the man, however, with her limbs tied the way they were, there was nothing she could do.

Not to mention the more she tried to resist, the more those thorns pierced her skin and hurt her.


In the end, the man touched her cleavage, before his hand slipped into her clothes as he started touching her breast with an eerie smile on his face.

"I have to say, you are blessed with quite a sinful body, my maid.

Though I guess this is the reason I bought you in the first place. It is time you learn about your primary duty, maid.

You were bought to satisfy my sexual needs with this body of yours."

The man spoke, caressing her breasts as if they were his property. The woman tried to resist and glared at the man in anger and helplessness. Her gaze, however, only satiated the man's sadistic side as his smile widened.

Then, as if deciding that it was enough teasing, the man sat up and unbuttoned his pants.

"Shall we finally put your sinful body to good use?"

The man questioned with a big smile as his little brother was freed from the clutches of his pants.

The man then moved forward and with a sadistic smile on his face, he slipped his dick into the woman's clothes, and feeling the maid's large breasts around his dick, he groaned in pleasure.

"Aaahh... this is the best, my maid."

The man spoke, he didn't even have to use his hands to press her breasts on his dick, her clothes did that.

The maid, who could feel the man's sexual organ on her body, glanced at the man in hatred, tears welled up in the edges of her eyes, she felt like she was defiled, she was helpless, with her limbs tied, she was completely under the man's grasp, however, even then, she didn't give it.

She glared at the man and,

"Don't think you will get away with this, someone will notice my disappearance eventually and once that happens, they will start sear-"

"Now this is where you are wrong, my maid."

The man cut her off with a playful smile on his face. The maid frowned, however, the man ignored her expression and continued, "You may have not noticed it before, but..."

He pointed at the huge clock that was hanging on the wall. The maid glanced at the clock and didn't find anything strange, soon, however, she noticed something, The clock wasn't moving.


It wasn't just the clock. She looked through the window, the leaves, the birds, anywhere her eyes went, everything was frozen.

The woman couldn't understand what was happening and frowned in confusion, then, she heard the man's voice.

"I froze the time, my maid.

Everything outside is frozen, so no one will notice your disappearance.

So I have all the time in the world to play with you."

The man spoke, then, as he cupped the woman's cheek gently and his fingers touched her lips, his smile turned demonic and, "Hours, Days, Months, Years, Decades, Centuries...

It doesn't matter how long it takes,

I will play with you and your body to my heart's content,

And once we get out of here,

You will be addicted to me.

You will submit to me."

Nux spoke with a big smile on his face as he glanced at the tied-up Edda, who, hearing his words, momentarily forgot her role in this act and, "I am looking forward to what you will do to me, husband."